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Dumb & Dumber (1994)

A review by Damian Cannon.
Copyright © Movie Reviews UK 1997

As the apex of the recent Hollywood trend of 'dumbing' films Dumb & Dumber reaches both new heights and plumbs old depths. Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) are two imbecilic, unemployed friends with little direction and even less forethought. The scene is set for a farcical trip across the States when Lloyd rescues the briefcase, of his limousine passenger, when she leaves it at the airport. The mere fact that Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) makes Lloyds tongue hang out like a dog has got everything to do with his longing to return the briefcase to its rightful owner - in Aspen, Colorado.

Strangely enough the comic duo set out in a mobile sheepdog and the scene is set for one of the funniest teams in recent years. The subplot revolves around the fact that the briefcase actually contains ransom money and is eagerly wanted by the kidnappers. This allows the build-up to a number of Inspector Clouseau-like events where the moronic pair somehow avoid parting with the briefcase and yet have no realisation of the events surrounding them! The pace of schoolboy humour continues all the way to Aspen (although not quite at Airplane! like intensity) with a memorable scene involving a young, officious traffic cop.

The plot threads tie together in Aspen, although it's difficult to consider a running set of gags as a storyline and there sure are enough holes, where Lloyd and Harry end up returning the case. With a timely capture of the crooks the friends leave town with the same happy-go-lucky attitude they had at the start. Although the movie runs fairly fast there are some melodramatic moments which clash with the general tone - comedy characters aren't meant to have real emotions, are they? In addition the soundtrack is chock-full of popular, indie tracks which, although great to listen to, don't have much in common with the story. In summary, this is a fine no-brainer of a movie for watching with friends and laughing at.

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